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Rug Hooking Supplies 

Hartman Hooks $40.00 and up

Ritchie Hooks $45.00

Bent Scissors $16.00

Monks Cloth $20.00 yard

Primitive Cloth $30.00 yard

Rug Lap Frame $85.00

Rug Lap Frame $85.00

Adjustable Floor Stand - Octagon or Rectangle $165.00

Oak Cutter Carrier $55.00

Beeline Cutter $598.00

Includes: Cutter Caddy, Brush, Hex Wrench and one standard cassette in your choice of sizes.

Also available in a left handed model.  

Ritchie Proddy Tools $45.00

Bleached Linen $40.00 yard


Large Wooden Frame $295.00

Cutter Stand $20.00

Oak Footstool  or Cutter Stand $25.00

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